TomTom Maps: Driving on the right tracks
TomTom Maps: Driving on the right tracks

TomTom Updates: Precise navigation technology

TomTom Updates

The world’s most precise navigational technology is now even more accurate with the latest TomTom updates. Download the updates for safe driving every time. Get the latest geolocation technology for cars, motorbikes, RVs and large commercial vehicles. Our maps & real-time traffic data keeps you ahead of slow traffic and jams. With the weather update, you are always prepared for inclement weather.

Download the latest updates for the best maps in the navigation industry. Get the next-generation in-dash navigation with the software update. The latest traffic and travel information is now at your fingertips. Automated driving features like voice-control and turn-by-turn navigation provides secure driving.

Intelligent speed assistants help to drive within the proper speed limit with timely warnings. Old and real-time data combined provide you with the best route with the intelligent navigational algorithm. Our system analyses data from over 600 million connected and anonymous devices for providing you with the best routes.

TomTom map updates

TomTom map updates

Driving with an outdated map can severely affect your journey. The old map can lead you to the wrong locations in the middle of nowhere. Avoid inaccurate navigation and always drive with peace of mind with the latest TomTom map updates. The new maps come with a detailed street-level view for precise navigation.

Roads and addresses change up to 15% every year. Old roads are closed, new ones are built, businesses change their address. New speed regulations are implemented. Avoid unwanted surprises like road changes and new speed limits with the new updates.

Drive confidently by downloading the new updates with areas marked safe and unsafe. Never worry about your and your loved ones’ safety. Whether you want a new map or want to update your old map we are here to help you.

TomTom Gps updates

TomTom Gps updates

Get intuitive navigation by downloading new TomTom GPS updates. Improved location sensor perception, improved route planning and precise live service with the latest updates. Manoeuvre safely without worrying about driving in the wrong lane. Get autonomous and efficient driving every time.

You need regular device updates for safe driving. Our maps are more detailed than ever with high-definition street-level maps. Turn-by-turn navigation is better than ever with updates with upgraded roads, streets and highways. Next-generation maps deliver you up-to-date, accurate and life-like images.

We are the market leader in satellite navigational technology setting examples for others to follow. More than 6-million vehicles rely on our technology for safe driving. Get the highest road coverage across the US, Europe & Asia. We believe in improvement so we’re continuously expanding our coverage and features.

TomTom Home Download: Update maps & software

TomTom Home download helps you in updating maps & software. It ensures you always drive with an updated device without worrying about routes, weather and traffic. Connect your device with the computer and check whether you have the latest software.

Our company release maps every 3-months and software regularly. You must have the latest version of TomTom Home installed on your computer. The application helps to update your device content effortlessly.

TomTom Home

Install TomTom Home Download

Install TomTom Home download the latest map, software and synchronize the content. Select the computer’s operating system:

Install TomTom Home Download


The steps here are for Windows Internet Explorer, if you are using a different browser the steps might vary a little.

  • Click the button below for downloading the .exe file.
  • Save the file by clicking on save.
  • After the download is complete click Run to open the file.
  • Choose the language for installation.
  • Click Ok to open the installation wizard.
  • Click next, read and end-user licence agreement.
  • Accept the licence agreement by selecting and clicking next.
  • Click install and yes if you get user account control messages.
  • Click Finish to complete the installation.
For Mac

For Mac

For installing TomTom Home, click the button below

  • The application file is saved in the download folder.
  • Double-click on the .dmg file.
  • Click continue after the Home installer opens.
  • Read EULA and click continue.
  • Click agree to install.
  • Enter the Admin password.
  • Click to install the software.
  • Click close and run the software.
TomTom MyDrive Download

TomTom MyDrive Download

Choose the best route even before you get in your vehicle with the TomTom MyDrive download. Easily set up a personal traffic checker and find out any delays on your commute. Send your location to your TomTom sat nav with one click.

Know beforehand: Get real-time and accurate traffic information about your routes. The device will also show alternate options available according to your driving habits.

Personal traffic checker: Set up your traffic checker and know about traffic conditions on your route.

Synchronize content: Sync your GPS device with the server and access all your data from anywhere.

Personalize your map: Add and manage your home, work, points of interest, contacts and much more.

Get TomTom MyDrive
TomTom MyDrive Connect

TomTom MyDrive Connect

Update your sat nav device using TomTom MyDrive Connect easily. For updating your GPS device, you need to install MyDrive Connect on your computer. It is free software that helps you easily manage all your maps, addresses, points-of-interests and services.

Users can also download new maps, software updates and renew their services. To provide our users with the best navigational experience we release various updates and bug fixes every week. Download the latest version of the software by clicking the button below. Connect the device to the computer for updating your Satnav.

  • Ensure MyDrive Connect is installed on the computer
  • Use the USB cable to connect to the computer
  • Login by entering your credentials.
  • Run the updates.

Do you need support updating your navigation device?

Get MyDrive Connect