Sat Nav Map Updates
Sat Nav Map Updates

Sat Nav Map Updates

Drive intuitively with the latest Sat Nav map updates. We are the mapping experts of the world with the largest road coverage. With millions of vehicles around the world, we provide the best navigation by analysing the data in real-time. Trusted by large companies and individuals around the world, we are the go-to navigation providers.

We keep up with the ever-changing world we combine the latest mapping technologies, machine learning and AI. With the community input, we provide you with real-time traffic and weather updates. Our devices don’t start and end with roads, we focus on user experience. The points of interest and addresses are always updated and relevant to you. Make the map yours by customizing it with your style, adding information vital to you, and integrating it with the cloud service.

TomTom sat-nav map updates

TomTom sat-nav map updates cover every little change on the road. We are the creator of the world’s first digital map and working continuously to improve the user experience, freshness and quality of maps. Our continuous update makes sure that users get the most up-to-date and accurate map. With our AI and machine learning, we process huge data and detect even small changes quickly. Our sources like smartphone mapping and input from local authorities allow us to view changes in traffic flow and road closures.

We capture and update every little change with our transactional mapmaking ecosystem. Our amazing technology allows us to conduct quality checks and provide you with the latest and accurate map. We address geocoding accuracy by associating real addresses with structures. It provides our users with complete geospatial data, better address verification and last-mile navigation.

Update your SatNav

We publish updates every quarter to provide our users with the best experience using the latest technologies. With more than 3-decades of mapping experience, you will get the most accurate location and efficient routes. Update your Sat Nav today for:

Fresh Map: Get the latest map with updated routes, roads, addresses and points of interest (POIs).

Speed limits: With explicit and implicit speed limit information you will be able to reduce speeding. We are helping to increase safety with intelligent speed assistance and safety ratings.

Gradient & curvature

Gradient & curvature

The new updates provide you with accurate gradient and curvature information for the road. Get predictive cruise control for proactive acceleration and brake.

Lane information

Lane information

Accurate lane count, lane connectivity, available divider type improve guidance. Lane keeps helps while driving on highway stretches and at complex junctions.

Traffic lights and signs

Traffic lights and signs

Automatic warnings about traffic sign types and display warnings help to drive securely. Get information on billions of traffic light locations.

TomTom car GPS

TomTom car GPS devices are designed for drivers and are trusted by carmakers all over the world. Today’s drivers want GPS devices to work like smartphone apps. We are evolving to provide our users with the best navigational experience and exceeding their expectations. Our geo-location technologies are helping automobile manufacturers to provide safer driving. Our navigational solutions work across every vehicle meeting quality.

We understand that everybody wants seamless connectivity and so we have moved all our services to the cloud. It ensures that our users get a highly responsive experience. You can rely on our up-to-date maps and real-time services. The embedded navigation system integrates with the vehicle sensors and provides better reliability. Connect your device with the computer for updating the full-stack navigation, i.e., maps, services and software.

Update TomTom

How to update your TomTom device?

Are you looking for “how to update your TomTom device?” Go through the steps for downloading new maps and software.

Install TomTom Home or TomTom Connect on your computer before trying to update your device.


Connect the satnav to your computer

Use the USB cable to connect your GPS device with the computer.


Check for updates

When prompted click the button for the available updates.


Install the updates

Transfer the updates to the GPS device.


Run the software

Run TomTom Connect or Home according to the device model.


Download the updates

Download the updates to your computer.

Update Map