TomTom Go Navigation
TomTom Go Navigation

TomTom Go navigation

Experience state-of-the-art navigation via a Live map after downloading the TomTom Go navigation app from your smartphone. Online maps, providing Live services with the app. We understand the user's need, bringing to you offline maps providing an online experience. Download the apps for free from their respective app store.

Stay updated: Going on trips with your family and friends has never been easy with the app. Completely customize the route from the comfort of your home. Plan multiple stops including, rest-stops, POIs and alternate routes. Avoid blocked roads and other interruptions that can slow your travel with the data from the online community. Get an amazing user experience without ads, download the offline maps.

TomTom Go navigation

Live-services: Be in complete control of your journey with Live traffic information. Stay ahead of danger zones, find & reach your destination faster with an intuitive search. Get an online experience without consuming much data with the smart data saver feature.

Drive safely & intuitively: Get a precise and intuitive driving experience with visual clarity with the app. Don't worry about driving in the wrong lane with moving lane guidance. Get the most accurate ETA and alternate route options.

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TomTom Go Download

Get live services with TomTom Go download on your smartphone. The app is now available for free on PlayStore & Appstore. Experience intuitive navigation on your smartphones using the app.

  • Downloadable maps
  • Offline routes
  • Precison Live traffic
  • Speed camera alerts
  • Traffic lights warnings
  • Weather updates

Save data and drive safer with offline maps that provide an online experience without eating your data.

TomTom Go Download
Be connected

Be connected: Control the view from the phone display by syncing the device.

Real-time traffic

Real-time traffic: Intelligent route suggestions helps to avoid traffic.

Speed cameras

Speed cameras: Slow down your speed with timely warnings about the placement of cameras.

Faster search

Faster search: Accurate and faster search on the go with the latest algorithmic improvements.

ETA sharing

ETA sharing: Share ETA with your friends, coworkers and family.

Offline maps

Offline maps: Download maps and use them offline. Save data and use it in places without a signal.

Weekly updates

Weekly updates: Get the latest information about roads closures, traffic directions and speed limits.

Points Of Interests

Points Of Interests: Reach all your favourite and other POIs with one click.

Route options

Route options: Get various route options depending upon your driving habits and traffic conditions.

We give you seamless navigation with years of mapping experience.

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TomTom Go Update

TomTom Go update is available for download with features to make driving seamless. The latest update provides you with never before seen driving experience. Stay connected and ahead of traffic with real-time updates.

Intelligent routes: Avoid slow traffic, danger zones and other road hindrances with intelligent routes.

Timely warnings: Get timely speed camera warnings for safe and hassle-free driving. Helping you with fixed and mobile speed cameras.

POIs: Customize and save POIs according to your preference. Get popular and essential attractions on the app.

Share: Share your arrival time with friends, coworkers, family with your favourite messaging app.

Photo-tag: Don’t remember the name of the place? Geotag your photos and leave the rest upon the app for taking you there.

Drive to contacts: Plan and get the best routes for people in your contact book.

Latest feature: Now the app works with Android Auto for seamless navigation.

TomTom Go Update

TomTom Go 500

Our most advanced series got even better. TomTom GO 500 comes with fully interactive lifetime services. Get real-time services for always keeping you ahead of traffic with smartphone connectivity. Know the delays beforehand and get faster route options.

Lifetime Maps: Always drive with the latest map with lifetime map updates. Download 4-updates in a year for free.

Safety cameras: Get safety camera positioning alerts for 3-months without paying any amount.

Lane guidance: See the lane clearly in which you are driving. Never miss any turn, avoid sudden lane changes.

Responsive screen: Explore the world on the high-definition, responsive, auto-brightness screen.

3D Maps: Familiar buildings recognition and other landmarks help to show clearly your exact location.

Long battery: Use the GPS device without needing to recharge for more than 2-hours.

SD card support: Download a new map on the SD card without needing to delete the old map.

TomTom Go 500

TomTom Go 520

The all-new TomTom Go 520 is faster and smarter than ever with the latest updates. Our intelligent system learns your driving habits and provides you with options depending upon traffic conditions at that time. Plan your route by sitting comfortably in your home/ house, send the route to the device even before getting in your vehicle.

More connectivity: Seamless connection with your smartphone. Read-out loud your text messages, use phone’s assistant using voice command.

Live updates: Get real-time updates from millions of on-road devices. Accurate traffic information and smart route options help you to be ahead.

World map: Update the device without needing a computer with the in-built WiFi. Get a notification on the device whenever an update is available.

Hands-free calling: Connect your smartphone with your device and use it for calling without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Google Assistant/ Siri Compatible: Get full access to your phone’s assistant while driving.

TomTom Go 520

TomTom Go 5000

Get TomTom GO 5000 with lifetime traffic updates. Our award-winning traffic information provides a precise location of where the jam starts and ends. Timely alerts when you are approaching a jam fast. Drive with the latest European map, download 4-updates in a year.

Lifetime traffic: Drive without worrying about getting stuck in slow traffic and jams. Get smart route options to reach your destination faster.

Lifetime maps: Always drive with the latest maps with lifetime maps update. It has a map of 45 European countries built-in.

Speed cameras: Get timely alerts for slowing down when you are approaching a speed camera.

MyDrive: Plan your routes with a smartphone, tablet or computer with MyDrive. Send your destinations on the device before stepping in the car.

SIM & Data support: Receive traffic updates across Europe with unlimited data and roaming support.

Tap and Drive: Reach your favourite destination with a one-touch using tap and drive feature.

Speak and Go: Use voice commands to control the device while driving for a safer experience.

TomTom Go 5000

TomTom Go 730

Get the latest TomTom Go 730 with an in-built map of the US and Canada. Get the ultimate driving experience with a highly responsive, sunlight-readable touch screen. Newly added features like voice connectivity, lane guidance provides safer driving.

Faster input: Input the address faster using your voice. Get options when you start typing the addresses.

Intelligent route: Get the best route to reach your destination with intelligent routing technology.

Accurate ETA: Smart algorithm provides the most accurate arrival time for every trip.

Advanced lane guidance: Never worry about driving in the wrong lane with the advance lane guidance.

Photo-realistic view: Get a life-like view of the complex junctions and intersections.

Map share technology: Quickly change street names, directions, road speeds, POIs and more.

Bluetooth handsfree: Drive safer using Bluetooth hands-free calling while driving.

TomTom Go 730